COVID-19: Information on the Novel Coronavirus for Northeast Radiation Oncology Centers (NROC), patients, family members and staff

Effective March 4, 2021, we will modify our visitation policy, which currently is no visitors inside of NROC. The modification: allowing our patients to have one visitor accompany them for their outpatient visits.

We recognize the importance of visitors to the reassurance and well-being of our patients. We continue to monitor the ongoing global pandemic nationally as well as locally, and we will make additional modification based upon the monitoring of community prevalence, availability of PPE supplies, and ongoing vaccination of our patients and family members.

We will continue to monitor all staff, patients and visitors for symptoms and temperature check upon arrival. We ask our patients and our family members to self-report any symptoms that may be associated with COVID, and not enter the building if you suspect you may have symptoms of COVID 19.

We will continue our mandatory masking policy for all staff, patients and visitors of NROC. We appreciate your attention and compliance during this continued challenging time, as we strive to maximize ongoing continuous cancer care to our patients, while maximizing their safety and the health and wellness of all patients, staff and visitors.

The temporary suspension of our exercise program, yoga program, and cancer support groups will carry through until further notice from the Department of Health.

Please rest assured that we are following all necessary precautions to ensure proper continuity of care.

For more general information on the COVID-19, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Pennsylvania Department of Health, and World Health Organization are offering additional resources. Links can be found here:

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 

PA Dept. of Health 

Finally, patients, families, and staff should use common sense and self-awareness in reporting symptoms of Coronavirus to their health care providers. If you have any symptoms of infection, please call our office prior to coming in. Thank you.