Mary Klem

Our Support Team

Honoring the needs and respecting the dignity of our patients

All of us at NROC are dedicated to helping the people in our care maintain the best possible quality of life. Our comprehensive healthcare team offers an exceptional level of expertise to help meet the diverse physical and personal needs of our patients and their families. Along with our dedication to providing the best possible medical care, we also offer a full range of support services at no additional cost.

Nutritional Counseling:

There are only 42 oncology-certified nutritionists in Pennsylvania, and NROC’s Mary Klem is one of them. What that means for cancer patients who see her is a great benefit! When people are trying to juggle life with a cancer diagnosis, their first thought may not be about their diet. However, following a healthful nutrition program during and after cancer treatment is important to help patients maintain their strength.

Social Services:

Cancer patients may encounter a variety of personal issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of their disease. NROC provides the services of a licensed professional social worker, Kathryn Cramer, free of charge. She is available to counsel patients and their families regarding the social, psychological and physical challenges they may experience throughout the course of their treatment and follow-up. Kathryn also facilitates our support groups.

Financial Counseling:

Since the costs associated with cancer treatment may be confusing and of great concern to so many of our patients, we have experienced staff who can help you and your family with questions regarding health insurance and other related financial issues.

Exercise Program:

NROC is pleased to offer exercise and yoga on site for any cancer patient in our area. Exercise can reduce stress and help fight against cancer.

Pet Therapy:

You may already know that reducing stress improves your health. Our patients know that a greeting from our certified therapy dog brightens your visit. You can’t help but feel better when you see her sweet face, and her gentle, friendly manner. Our certified therapy dog, Lily, is owned by our nutritionist, and is regularly on duty with her.

Education Programs and Sponsorships:

We offer a wide range of information about cancer-related topics. NROC supports, and our staff participates, with other cancer organizations in our region that provide education and support services, such as Northeast Regional Cancer Institute, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the American Cancer Society and Candy’s Place.

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