Clinical Research Studies

RTOG 1005

A randomized phase III trial looking at shortening the treatments for select women with breast cancer.

The NCI is scientifically looking into ways to reduce the cost and inconvenience of cancer care- this is one such trial.

RTOG 0413/NSABP B-39

A Randomized Phase III Study of Conventional Whole Breast Irradiation (WBI) versus Partial Breast Irradiation (PBI) for Women with Stage 0, I, or II Breast Cancer

RTOG 0974/NSABP B-43

A Phase III Clinical Trial Comparing Trastuzumab Given Concurrently with Radiation Therapy and Radiation Therapy Alone for Women with HER-2 Positive Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Resected by Lumpectomy.

RTOG 0524

A Phase I/II Trial of a Combination of Paclitaxel and Trastuzumab With Daily Irradiation or Paclitaxel alone With Daily Irradiation Following Transurethral Surgery for Non-Cystectomy Candidates With Muscle-Invasive Bladder

RTOG 0933

A Phase II Trial of Hippocampal Avoidance During Whole Brain Radiotherapy for Brain Metastases--RTOG CCOP Study

RTOG 0436

A Phase III Trial Evaluating the Addition of Cetuximab to Paclitaxel, Cisplatin, and Radiation for Patients With Esophageal Cancer Who Are Treated Without Surgery

RTOG 0848

A Phase III Trial Evaluating both Erlotinib And Chemoradiation as Adjuvant Treatment for Patients with Resected Head of Pancreas Adenocarcinoma

RTOG 1010

A Phase III Trial Evaluating the Addition of Trastuzumab to Trimodality Treatment of Her2-Overexpressing Esophageal Adenocarcinoma

RTOG 0920

A Phase III Study of Postoperative Radiation Therapy (IMRT) +/- Cetuximab for Locally-Advanced Resected Head and Neck Cancer

RTOG 1016

Phase III Trial of Radiotherapy Plus Cetuximab Versus Chemoradiotherapy in HPV-Associated Oropharynx Cancer

RTOG 1012

Phase II Randomized Trial of Prophylactic Manuka Honey for the Reduction of Chemoradiation Therapy Induced Esophagitis-Related Pain During the Treatment of Lung Cancer - RTOG CCOP Study (open to U.S. sites only)

RTOG 1005

Evaluate the relative efficacy of 4 times a day consumption of liquid or lozenge Manuka honey to delay or prevent radiation esophagitis-related pain (during combined chemotherapy and radiation therapy for lung cnancer) as compared to standard supportive treatment, as measured at week 4 by Numerical Rating Pain Scale (NRPS) for pain upon swallowing

RTOG 0538

CALGB 30610/Endorsed Study: Phase III Comparison of Thoracic Radiotherapy Regimens in Patients with Limited Small Cell Lung Cancer Also Receiving Cisplatin and Etoposide

RTOG 0813

Seamless Phase I/II Study of Stereotactic Lung Radiotherapy (SBRT) for Early Stage, Centrally Located, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) in Medically Inoperable Patients

RTOG 0937

Randomized Phase II Study Comparing Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation Alone To Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation And Consolidative Extra-Cranial Irradiation For Extensive Disease Small Cell Lung Cancer (ED-SCLC)

Jefferson/Genentech #OSI4327s

A Phase II Study of Erlotinib (Tarceva) and hypofractionated thoracic radiotherapy for patients with advanced or inoperable non-small lung cancer

RTOG 0938

Protocol Information A Randomized Phase II Trial Of Hypofractionated Radiotherapy For Favorable Risk Prostate Cancer-RTOG CCOP Study.

This protocol examines the effect of 5 or 12 treatments of prostate radiotherapy, by giving more dose per day, as an alternative to standard fractionation treatments which usually take between 40 and 45 treatments.

RTOG 0526

A Prospective Phase II Trial of Transperineal Ultrasound-Guided Brachytherapy for Locally Recurrent Prostate Adenocarcinoma Following External Beam Radiotherapy

RTOG 0534

A Phase III Trial of Short Term Androgen Deprivation With Pelvic Lymph Node or Prostate Bed Only Radiotherapy (SPPORT) in Prostate Cancer Patients With a Rising PSA After Radical Prostatectomy

RTOG 0622

A Phase II Trial of Samarium 153 Followed By Salvage Prostatic Fossa 3D-CRT or IMRT Irradiation In High-Risk, Clinically Non-Metastatic Prostate Cancer after Radical Prostatectomy

RTOG 0815

A Phase III Prospective Randomized Trial of Dose-Escalated Radiotherapy with or without Short-Term Androgen Deprivation Therapy for Patients with Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer

RTOG 0924

Androgen Deprivation Therapy and High Dose Radiotherapy With or Without Whole-Pelvic Radiotherapy in Unfavorable Intermediate or Favorable High Risk Prostate Cancer: A Phase III Randomized Trial